The Science

From claims to personalized communication strategies, creating the first Behavioral SaaS platform

Medorion’s Behavioral Embedding™ AI Technology translates claims, clinical and demographic data into a behavioral database that links a member’s clinical parameters with how they are most likely to behave.   

Using highly-scalable visualization tools, users can query the database to predict what clinical parameters are most likely to impact a member’s decision to perform a certain action, whether a screening test or the likelihood of buying a health plan.

Behavioral AI that transitions passive populations to active members

Behavioral Science is a scientific field of study for influencing peoples’ behavior. It is tried and tested in decades of academic research. Usually utilizing Behavioral Science expertise requires the retaining of highly skilled experts. But Medorion uses what we call Behavioral AI which is pre-built behavioral science heuristics that identify individual triggers that increase engagement.

Build fully customized individual journey for each patient

While Medorion’s SaaS platform serves masses of data, the system is designed to segment and diversify members to create fully customized, individual journeys for each patient and empower organizations with a new level of digital-driven intelligence to independently craft, effective and personalized communication strategies

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